Bio Blend 10-0-0 +Ca 5%
A Solution that stimulates the propagation of
soil bacteria and maintain food substrates

Bio Blend™ is a new formula of 15 plant-based proprietary amino, organic acids and complex polysaccharides combined with Nitrogen, Calcium, and micro-nutrients for all soils. Aids in water penetration and is a microbial substrate enhancer. Aerates soil, buffers salts, chelates soil nutrients, encourages root growth and biologically buffers toxic chemicals. Designed to be combined with Carboplex™ for a balanced approach to soil & rhizosphere health.


Guaranteed Analysis

  • Bio Blend™ contains 15 ingredients that are considered plant and microbial stimulants, in proprietary proven ratios to each other.

  • Bio Blend™ is designed to stimulate microbial populations within the rhizosphere, to buffer salts with calcium, and to promote plant and microbial health.

  • Bio Blend™ is specifically designed to be used with Carboplex™ for a one two punch. Bio Blend™ stimulates the rhizosphere and Carboplex™ provides a food source.

  • Bio Blend™ will increase nutrient uptake by turf and decomposition of the thatch layer by promoting the propagation of microbes.

  • Enhancing nutrient uptake can increase tolerance to midsummer stress.

  • Bio Blend™ can enhance the establishment of seedlings

Total Nitrogen (N).................................. 10.0%
3.00% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
      5.00% Nitrate Nitrogen
      1.00% Urea Nitrogen

Soluble Calcium (Ca)............................ 5.0%

Additional Contents:

Proprietary plant extracts, and liquid fermentation products that contain enzyme precursors, microbial metabolites, plant hormones, organic and amino acids, glycosides and enzyme stimulants.

Derived From:  Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate

1 U.S. Gallon Net Weight 10.96 lbs.   3.78 Liters Net Weight 1.72 Kg

Specific Gravity 1.29  •  pH: 1.3


Directions For Use

Bio Blend™ is intended to be a root stimulator and should be mixed with Carboplex™ according to the listed application rate to be watered in to balance soil and rhizosphere health.



Apply 3-6 fl.oz. of Bio Blend™ plus 2 gallons or more of water per 1,000 Ft2 to penetrate soil surface.

Repeat application 4-8 times per year.



Apply 3 FL.oz. Bio Blend™ with the applicable Carboplex™ rate and water-in within 24 hours.



Inject 3-6 fl.oz. per 1,000 Ft2 4-8 times per year during water cycle.



.5-1 oz. per 1,000 Ft2 as a wetting agent


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