Aminoplex 3-0-0

A proprietary mixture of 15 plant based L amino and organic acids, complex polysaccharides and natural hormones that are known to encourage plant growth, health, and stimulate root growth, especially at times of stress. Aminoplex™ will enhance the performance of non-selective herbicides and improve the performance of liquid and soluble fertilizers.



Guaranteed Analysis

  • True Foliar: Aminoplex™ is designed to be foliar applied and completely foliar absorbed while it is drying on the target plant. 

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Aminoplex™ is a multiplex biostimulant, translocator, buffering agent, and solublizer all in one package.

  • MULTIPLE BIOSTIMULANTS IN ONE PACKAGE: Aminoplex™ provides a package of 15 Biostimulants essentially for the price of one or two in most products on the market today.

  • WHAT STIMULATES THE PLANT AND ITS ROOTS IS NO SECRET: Plant nutritionists know what stimulates the plant, the secret is the ~ right combination of ingredients in the right ratios to each other. Scientific testing has proved that the ingredients in Aminoplex™ are in the right '- ratios for optimum plant health and root growth.

  • MICROBES NEED HELP ALSO: Aminoplex™ provides energy sources and components to enhance microbial growth and propagation which increases their effectiveness in improving soil conditions and releasing nutrients for plant use.

  • IMPROVE YOUR FOLIAR APPLICATION: Aminoplex™ can be added to a mixture of synthetic nutrients such as soluble N, P, K, and micro nutrients to enhance the absorption of the nutrients, buffer the tank mix, and help prevent tissue burn.

  • RELIEVE STRESS: The proprietary combination of plant based biostimulants and complex poly saccharides found in Aminoplex™ aid in the recovery of drought, shaded, or root decline stressed turf as they are absorbed through the plant leaf rapidly to stimulate plant metabolism.

  • COMPLETELY NATURAL: Aminoplex™ contains natural plant metabolites, enzymes, protein, cellular precursors, natural plant hormones, organic acids and amino acids that are all plant derived.

  • NATURAL HORMONES: The hormones contained in Aminoplex™ are plant derived from natural sources, and include auxins, kinetin and cytokinins.

  • NATURAL SEQUESTERING AGENTS: The plant based natural sequestering agents in Aminoplex™ include glucoheptonates, organic acids, amino acids, flavonoids, purines and fulvic acids.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The ingredients found in Aminoplex™ are naturally occurring, plant based and biodegradable.

Total Nitrogen (N).................................. 3.0%
      3.0% Urea Nitrogen
Fermentation Products........................ 45.0%
Natural Plant & Organic Extracts......... 21.0%
Inert Material....................................... 31.0%

Derived From: Urea, proprietary Plant Extracts, Enzyme Precursors, Glycosides, Amino and Organic Acids, Complex Polysaccharides, Sea Plants, and Enzyme Stimulants

1 U.S. Gallon Net Weight 10.62 lbs.   3.78 Liters Net Weight 4.88 Kg

Specific Gravity 1.26  •  pH: 2.0




Foliar Application Rates

Add Grigg Brothers Ultraplex™ to any Grigg Brothers foliar application at the rate of 3 fl.oz per 1,000 FT2

Ultraplex™ contains micronutrients, biostimulants, and INTAKE™, a non-ionic organic surfactant to decrease drop size and enhance wetting of entire plant surface area.



For best results apply as a foliar spray early in the morning or late evening.

Allow to dry on plant 6 hours before irrigation.


Aminoplex™ may be used alone or mixed with Foliar Feed or Turf Chemicals.



Apply 1-3 fl.oz. of Aminoplex™ per 1,000 FT2

Repeat application monthly or as needed. Use of a surfactant is recommended with application.



Inject 1-3 fl.oz. per 1,000 FT2

Monthly or as needed during water cycle.


Foliar Mixed Sprays or other Chemicals:

1/2-1 fl.oz. per 1,000 FT2 as a wetting agent.

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