Calcium Complex 12%
A solution for problems associated with high soil salinity



Guaranteed Analysis

  • Calcium is an essential plant nutrient. Calcium is especially important for the stability of the cell wall and is involved in cell wall formation, structure and development. Calcium maintains the integrity of the cell membrane.

  • The addition of Calcium to the soil may reduce the harmful effects of sodium in the soil.

  • Soil applied Calcium acts as a soil conditioner and amendment.

  • Soil applied calcium assists with maintaining soil structure and floculation, especially in sodic and saline soils.

  • Soil applied Calcium may improve stability and concentration of soil organic matter.

  • Soil applied Calcium improves the permeability and infiltration rates of soil.

Calcium (Ca).................................. 12.0%

Derived From:  Calcium Glucoheptonate

1 U.S. Gallon Net Weight 12.4 lbs.   3.78 Liters Net Weight 5.65 Kg

Specific Gravity 1.49  •  pH: 0.5


Directions For Use

Tests show 2 fl oz of Grigg Brothers Intake per 1000 sq. ft. will move the Calcium Complex 12% through the soil profile 5 times faster.



Sodium problems — apply 9-15 fl oz per 1,000 Ft2 or 3-5 gallons per acre with 2 or more gallons of water per 1,000 Ft2 Water Calcium Complex 12% into the root zone following application.



A jar test should be performed when mixing Calcium Complex 12% with any other products.

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