INTAKE™ is a non-ionic, organic surfactant designed to enhance the spreadability and performance of Grigg Brothers foliar products. It is also designed to enhance the performance of all other foliar applied nutrients and chemicals. INTAKE™ also aids in the penetration of water in to the soil.


Guaranteed Analysis

  • Designed specifically for use with Grigg Brothers foliar products

  • Non-Ionic and organic spreading-wetting agent.

  • Effective water buffering agent.

  • No risk of tissue burn at recommended rates.

  • Compatible with and enhances the performance of soluble and liquid fertilizers.

  • Enhances performance of non-selective herbicides.

  • Compatible with and enhances the performance of growth regulators.

  • Enhances the uptake, spreadability and performance of all foliar applications.

  • An effective soil wetting agent when used as directed

Total Nitrogen (N).................................. 1.0%
      1.00% Urea Nitrogen

Derived From:  Urea, Natural Saponins, Carbohydrates, Crude Fiber, Protiens, Enzymes, and Amino Acids

1 U.S. Gallon Net Weight 10.95 lbs.   3.78 Liters Net Weight 4.82 Kg

Specific Gravity 1.04  •  pH: 4.7


Directions For Use

Grigg Brothers non-ionic, organic surfactant, INTAKE™, is recommended for all foliar applications to decrease drop size and enhance wetting of entire surface. Applications using Ultraplex™ already contains INTAKE™.


For best results apply as a foliar spray early in the morning or late evening. Allow to dry on plant 6 hours before irrigation. Apply with 1-2 gallons of water per thousand square feet.


Mix one pint INTAKE™ per one hundred gallons of tank mix to enhance wetting of entire surface

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