Grigg Liquid Products

Grigg Brothers is a developer, producer and marketer of nutrients and fertilizers
for the Turfgrass, Landscape, and Ornamental industries worldwide.


Grigg Brothers products have been specifically designed for foliar application and foliar absorption. All product contains "facilitators" which aid penetration into plant cells, effectively translocate to sites of action, and provide all or most of the nutrients needed by plants to chelate minerals. The facilitators are mineral specific, i.e. no two formulas are alike and are optimal for that mineral. In addition to special facilitators, Grigg Brothers products contain an organic base, consisting of natural organic compounds which function metabolically and are found naturally in the plant.



Product Line:

Gary's Green Ultra 13-2-3+Fe Manganese Combo
Nutra Green 5-10-5+Fe+micros Gary's Green 18-3-4+Fe+micros
A-O-K 1-0-25 Tuff Turf 1-0-14+micros+Si
Suprema 12-0-12+micros Sili-Kal-B 8-0-4+10Ca+Si+B
Silicon Complex 7% P-K Plus 3-21-18+micros
Microburst Ultraplex 5-0-3+2Fe&micros
Aminoplex 3-0-0 Iron Combo-Chelate 4.5% 1-0-2
Iron Chelate 5% Manganese Chelate 5%
Boron Complex 3% Magnesium Chelate 5%
Zinc Chelate 5% Carboplex
Calcium Complex 12% Bio Blend 10-0-0+5% Calcium
Nu-Blade Intake

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