Do you take soil test every year? Have you ever noticed that year after year they always look the same? Have you noticed that no matter what soil amendments or fertilizers you put on your greens or fairways, you can never see what you've done by looking at your soil test?

Do you really understand what all those numbers are or what they mean? Greensmiths soil test can help. We have developed a soil test that has been available for years that's very simple to do and understand.

First, you take your soil samples the same way you always have. Be sure to pull samples from several different locations.


You then send them to:

Servi-Tech Labs
1816 E. Wyatt Earp
Dodge City, KS 67801


Request that they do a "Greensmiths Test." Your results will be sent back to you within 2 weeks. Greensmiths will also receive a copy of your test. Within a few days one of our specialist will contact you and help with any questions that you may have concerning your test. He will also make recommendations on products that may be considered.

What is the difference between a standard soil test and
Greensmiths soil test?

A standard soil test is done by using a strong acid to extract what is in the soil out of the soil. Greensmiths uses water to extract the nutrients out of the soil. Is this more accurate? When you water, do you water with a strong chemical or do you water with water?
Of course you water with water.

Why look at what is being released by acid? Why not look at what is being released by water?

When you use a water extraction test you can see what you've done from the following year. This makes it an easy way to balance your soil. See what your roots see.

Once you can look at your soil test and see what changes you have done over a growing season, it is easy to see the results of your efforts. You can see areas that have improved and areas that need more work. By increasing your applications in the areas needed you will achieve a more consistent green throughout your golf course or property. Your staff and members will see the improvements which means your Manager and Board of Directors hear about it.

When you are confronted about the improvements you will actually be able to take your soil test and explain to everybody what you've done and what your goals are for the next growing season.

How impressed will they be seeing you read and understand your soil test? You'll probably be the first Superintendent they've had that could do it.

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