Fertigation & pH Control System
Our newest system for both Fertigation and controlling pH.

Cyberject pH System

W7-000A pH Control System



The W7 pH control system was originally designed to give people without an irrigation wet well the ability to do pH control safely and effectively in the main line.    This system has performed so effectively that we now  recommend it even at sites with wet wells.  The key to this system is it's computer controlled venturi design that pre-dilutes the pH control agent to eliminate corrosion at the injection site.    Additionally, the concentrated chemical is never under pressure at any point in the system, dramatically increasing safety.  Utilizing our Green Scorpion™ controls, and our exclusive Adaptive Auto Adjust™ technology, we believe that the W7 pH control system is the safest, and best performing pH control system on the market today. 

The W7 pH control system is available in two pressure ranges:

    0-50 PSI for agricultural/drip applications
    50-150 PSI for Golf / Turf sprinkler applications

Additionally, the Cyberject™ pH Control system is available in various operating voltages.

Key Features

  • Acid is Never under Pressure
  • Redundant pH sensors for safety
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Adaptive Auto Adjust™ technology
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Can be used with either Sulfuric Acid, or pHAIRWAY?
  • Compatible with Greensmiths, Inc. Monitoring System
  • Made in the USA.

Model Numbers

There are many different configurations - contact your Greensmiths rep. to find the one that is best for you.

General Description:

The W7 Series pH systems offer a safe reliable way of adjusting the pH of irrigation water.

The systems are available in many different models with or without fertigation capability. With

the capability of utilizing virtually any type of pH control agent, including sulfuric, N-Control, pHairway?font FACE="Helvetica">, etc., the W7 series offers excellent flexibility. Due to the fact that the concentrated product is

never under pressure, the W7 Series has inherently better safety and reliability than competing

systems incorporating pressurized injection techniques.


? Incorporates WERECON Adaptive Auto Adjust™ system for superior accuracy

? Redundant pH sensors ensure accuracy and reliability

? Rugged Stainless Steel Chassis

? Displays Current and Historical pH and Water Flow Data

? Multiple Mechanical and Electrical Safeties

? Expandable (More Pumps, PC Control, etc.)

? Made in the USA

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